Sunday, 8 February 2009

Videos from SkillsMatter Open Source .NET Exchange

Reviews and videos from the SkillsMatter Open Source .NET event last month, including my jQuery lecture, are now online at the SkillsMatter site.

(Note to self: Don’t say “um” so much next time.)


NickG said...

Great video... shame that at 300x224 resolution you can't really see most of the code samples. :(

Dylan said...

You can download the slides and code samples here if you want them.

NickG said...

Ok thanks, but that's not the same as actually being able to see the vid and what's being said at the same time (not just on your video, but pretty much all the ones they've uploaded).

I think you should moan at them about the video quality.. it's not even as high quality as a standard youtube video. :)

NickG said...

PS: Never noticed you saying "um". I think it would be more apparent to yourself than to a 3rd party.