Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Code from my HTML5 / MVC2 Talk at SkillsMatter

A big thank-you to everyone who came along to my HTML5 and MVC2 talk at SkillsMatter on Monday – and thanks also to SkillsMatter for hosting us! Whilst I’ve done plenty of talking at unconferences and events like BarCamp, this was the first proper full-length technical talk I’ve given, so I’d really appreciate any feedback – especially since we might be doing a re-run in a couple of weeks.image

During the talk, I demo’ed a tiny web app – TagAlong - that I’ve built to showcase some of the new features in HTML 5 and ASP.NET MVC preview 2. This is by no means production code – if nothing else, I’m using static List<T>’s instead of having an actual database, so your changes will disappear every time you restart the app – but it should be pretty easy to get it up and running and poke around.

If you’re interested, the code is online at – you’ll need MVC 2 Preview 2 installed to run it, but everything else is included.

A couple of other interesting links that I mentioned during the talk:


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tobz said...

Not too much in the way of helpful constructive feedback that I can give, but as someone who has paid no attention to HTML 5 and who has a basic understanding of MVC 1 I found the presentation to be useful and informative. With the sort of time constraints that are on such an event there is only a limited amount that you can show and I felt that it gave me a good starting point to think about what the new technologies might mean to me.

For repeat performances, obviously fixing that bug that stumped you ahead of time would make things a little smoother ;) I'd also suggest that you make the last slide show the address where you will be putting any code and links etc so that us watching can simply copy the address down, rather than need to get you to email us with it.